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Exclusive Services

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Corporate Hosting

Sara Bhatti , over the past 7 years, has hosted multiple corporate events for both Multinational Corporations and the Public Sector. 
Huawei, Vivo, Samsung, Ministry of IT & Telecom, Siemens Healthineers, and Bodyshop are just a few she has worked with.


Motivational Speaking

Sara has helped motivate thousands not only through her social media presence, but also through multiple talks, and events. She has been invited as a guest speaker to multiple schools, corporate functions, and company meetings.


Personal and Corporate Coaching

With ample experience in the fields of Psychology, Nutrition, Fitness, and Financial Management, Sara helps both individual and teams not only identify their goals, but how to achieve them in a realistic and practical way.


Guest Appearances and Influencer Marketing

Sara's social media presence is built upon authenticity, integrity and honesty. All products and service she shares as an influencer are what she, herself, endorses, and believes in. 

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