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'You are your own hero. I'm simply helping you realise that."
Sara Bhatti.




Sara Bhatti is an Entrepreneur, an Actress, a Model and an Author. She is the CEO & Founder of Raw Philosophy, an eco-friendly company, providing products and services aimed at the development and growth of individuals and companies.



Sara Bhatti has successfully moderated multiple Pakistani and International Conferences. She has also hosted numerous events for both the private and public sector. When she is not leading the event she is often invited as a Motivational Speaker or Chief Guest.



Be it online or in-person coaching, individual or group coaching, Sara Bhatti has ample experience with clients from all facets of life. She has coached multiple small brands, has taught a number of courses, and has counselled and coached hundred of individuals and companies to ensure higher personal and group productivity. She understands all the things needed for a human being to grow and develop healthily and uses a holistic approach to reach both personal and corporate goals.

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